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Policy Council



Family involvement and leadership are critical to the success of our programs. Policy Council is a governing body comprised of parent representatives elected by their center's/site's parent groups.

Policy Council works with program administrators and the PSESD Board to make decisions that directly affect our children and families.

Policy Council also plays a key role in identifying the needs of low-income families with young children in our communities by creating a Community Needs Report. This information complements the data collected as part of the Community Assessment Report.
Policy Council members  participate in all aspects of program planning and development, and must approve all personnel and budget recommendations. Members include parents of currently enrolled children, parents who have had a child in the program in previous years, and community agency representatives drawn from organizations that provide services, support, and/or resources to the families we serve.


Policy Council meets monthly, November to November. Representatives are eligible for a parent leadership reimbursement, which is intended to help offset any costs associated with attending meetings. Center/Site staff and all members of the community are welcome to attend and observe these meetings.

Additional Information for Staff and Families

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