Early Learning Advisory Committee

Charter Approval and Committee Implementation

  • October 15, 2014: Final Charter and Timeline action by PSESD Board as well as identification of Board member appointments for Committee
  • November 18, 2014: Policy Council meeting and election of Leadership Team, which include the two Vice-Chairs appointed in that role for Committee
  • December 2, 2014: First official meeting of the five (5) member Advisory Committee
People having a meeting

Committee Members

The Committee consists of five members:
  • Two currently elected Policy Council Vice Co-Chairs
    • Dee Moore
    • Sandra Simmara
  • Two currently sitting PSESD Board members
    • Joanne Seng
    • Mehret Tekle-Awarun
  • One Superintendent Liaison
    • Kay Lancaster
Committee Chair: Lori Pittman, Early Learning Policy & Governance Advisor
Program Support: Ann Airey, Early Learning Executive Assistant

Ongoing Monthly Meeting and Reporting

2nd Tuesday of Each Month
  • Policy Council Leadership Team meeting (regularly scheduled)
  • Advisory Committee meets immediately following the monthly Policy Council Leadership Team meeting (members can join in person or via phone/video conference call)
3rd Wednesday of Each Month
PSESD Board Meeting: Advisory Committee reports to PSESD Board on Advisory Committee recommendations/actions
4th or 5th Thursday of Each Month
Early Learning Policy Council Meeting: Advisory Committee reports are presented to Policy Council for their approval

Executive Summaries

For archived materials, please contact Ann Airey.