Early Learning Advisory Committee

Charter Approval and Committee Implementation

  • October 15, 2014: Final Charter and Timeline action by PSESD Board as well as identification of Board member appointments for Committee
  • November 18, 2014: Policy Council meeting and election of Leadership Team, which include the two Vice-Chairs appointed in that role for Committee
  • December 2, 2014: First official meeting of the five (5) member Advisory Committee

Charter || Resolution

People having a meeting

Committee Members

  • Two currently elected Policy Council Vice Co-Chairs
    • DC
    • LT
  • Two currently sitting PSESD Board members
    • Joanne Seng
    • Annie Laurie Armstrong
  • One Superintendent Liaison
    • Kay Lancaster, Executive Director, Early Learning
Committee Chair: Lori Pittman, Early Learning and K to Career, Policy Advocacy and Government Relations
Program Support: Ann Airey, Early Learning Executive Assistant

Ongoing Monthly Meeting and Reporting

2nd Tuesday of Each Month
  • Policy Council Leadership Team meeting (regularly scheduled)
  • Advisory Committee meets immediately following the monthly Policy Council Leadership Team meeting (members can join in person or via phone/video conference call)
3rd Wednesday of Each Month
PSESD Board Meeting: Advisory Committee reports to PSESD Board on Advisory Committee recommendations/actions
4th or 5th Thursday of Each Month
Early Learning Policy Council Meeting: Advisory Committee reports are presented to Policy Council for their approval


For more information, contact Lori Pittman or Ann Airey.


Executive Summaries

Current program year only. For archived materials, please contact Ann Airey.

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