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      Staff Information Forms

 Hiring / Staff Qualifications

   Hiring Flow Chart - Start Here        
   New Staff Documentation Requirements  Revised 10/14/2019

   Guidelines & Procedures      Forms  

 Staff Position Qualifications Guidance
Criminal Record Check Procedure  Revised 12/10/2019

 Staff Health Requirements
 Completing the ECEAP Staff Qualifications Application in MERIT Procedure  Revised 4/29/2019
 Portable Background Check Procedure  Revised 10/31/2019
 ECEAP Mental Health Consultant Requirements
 Job Descriptions

 Verification of Parent Participation in Hiring Process  NEW 3/25/2019
 Medical Release Form — Head Start  Revised 2/25/2019
 New Employee Initial Activities Checklist  Revised 10/14/2019
 Professional Development Plan Form
 Professional Development Plan Update Form  Revised 10/14/2019
 Staff Member Safety Plan  Revised 10/17/2019


 Communicating Job Openings


 Guidelines & Procedures






 Publicizing Early Learning Job Openings Form (Word)  Revised 10/30/2019