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 **Please note that the "Sample Job Descriptions" section is separated between Head Start and ECEAP. The column on the left holds information for ECEAP programs. The column on the right holds information for Head Start and EHS programs.

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 Sample Job Descriptions

   ECEAP      Head Start  


 Hiring / Staff Qualifications

   Guidelines & Procedures      Forms  

 Hiring Procedure  Revised 9/2018
 Interview Questions Guidance  Revised 10/9/2018
 Staff Position Qualifications Guidance
 Criminal Record Check Procedure
 Staff Health Requirements  Revised 7/2018
 Completing the ECEAP Staff Qualifications Application in MERIT Procedure
 Portable Background Check Procedure  NEW 9/2018
 ECEAP Mental Health Consultant Requirements  NEW 9/2018

 Hiring Approval Form Revised 3/2018
 Supervision Plan Form
 Medical Release Form — Head Start  Revised 7/2018
 New Employee Initial Activities Checklist  Revised 10/9/2018
 Professional Development Plan Form
 Professional Development Plan Update Form - ECEAP


 Communicating Job Openings


 Guidelines & Procedures






 Publicizing Early Learning Job Openings Form (Word)  Revised 7/2018