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   Guidelines & Procedures       Forms  
   Research Procedure

     Research Questionnaire  

Calendars and Schedules

   Guidelines & Procedures     Forms  
   Class Profile Instructions   Updated 6/9/2020     Make-Up Days Exceptions 
2019-2020 Center Calendar Template
2020-2021 Center Calendar Template  Updated 6/15/2020


 Reporting Incidents and Suspected Abuse

   Guidelines & Procedures       Forms  
   Child Abuse and Neglect Procedure   Updated 6/15/2020
 Incidents and Findings Notification Procedure   Updated 6/15/2020

   Child Abuse Report Form   Updated 6/23/2020
Staff Member Safety Plan
 Incident Report  Updated 6/15/2020

 Documentation - General

   Guidelines & Procedures       Forms  

 Documentation Protocols   Updated 6/1/2020
 ChildPlus Program Information Report Procedure
 Confidentiality Procedure 

 Family File Access Log
 File Order - Preschool 
 File Order - EHS 
File Order - EHS Home Based 
File Order - Family Child Care 
 Child Health and Developmental Summary
Family Contact Log  Updated 6/1/2020
 Certification of Data Disposition 



   Guidelines & Procedures       Forms  
    Interdisciplinary Staffing Procedure

      Interdisciplinary Staffing Dates Tracking Form (fillable)
  Interdisciplinary Staffing To Do List (fillable)
  Interdisciplinary Staffing Checklist and Notes - Preschool (Printable)   
  Interdisciplinary Staffing Checklist and Notes - Early Head Start (Printable) 
  Interdisciplinary Staffing Checklist and Notes - Early Head Start (Fillable) 



   Guidelines & Procedures       Forms  

 PSESD Monitoring Design and Practices  
 Monitoring Calendar   


Corrective Action Plan 
 Monitoring Protocols and Checklists - Safe Arrival/Departure/Transportation  
Monitoring Protocols and Checklists - Eligibility 

 Monitoring Protocols and Checklists - Enrollment
 Monitoring Protocols and Checklists - Active Supervision  
Monitoring Protocols and Checklists - Staff Requirements
 Monitoring Protocol - Recruitment Plan
 Monitoring Protocol - Selection Plan