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Thanks to all who worked so hard to produce the Early Learning Program Manual. The teamwork was extraordinary!

Guidance and Direction
Stakeholders — Policy Council Representatives, Executive Board, Families, Center Directors, Site teams, PSESD Staff

Agile Product Owner — Talena Dixon
Agile Scrum Master — Laurie Vanderboom
Writers — Donna Andrews, Connie Ashmun, Argentina Back, Erin Berkey, Luba Bezborodnikova, Angie Buenafe, Kathy Binkley, Tanya Brooks, Nicole Chu, Libby Cruikshank, Talena Dixon, Mary Beth Edmonson, Naomi George, Gene Gousie, Maggie Grate, Cheryl Habgood, Janice Heck, Nicole Johanson, Jennifer Johnson, Nathalie Jones, Leslie Keller, Suzanne Kohaya, Kay Lancaster, Katy Levenhagen, Nubia Lopez, Jacque Mann, Anna McLaughlin, Lori Pittman, Cheryl Polasek, Anne Quinn, Jaymie Roswell, Juanita Salinas, Marie Savage-Hopfauf, Laurel Tierney, Denetta Uzzell, Laurie Vanderboom.
Directors — Donna Andrews, Luba Bezborodnikova, Talena Dixon, Gene Gousie, Jennifer Johnson, Leslie Keller, Kay Lancaster, Verda Lofton, Cheryl Polasek, Anne Quinn.

Editors — Talena Dixon, Mike Condardo, Joshua Ridge, Laurie Vanderboom
Webmaster/Technology — Mike Condardo
Designers — Denyse Guthrie, Barb Johnson, Emily Maehl, Kristyl Riddle, Dawn Webster
Technology — Kenneth Curtis

Special Thanks
We're grateful to these friends of Early Learning who shared their special expertise with us.

  • Policy Council and Executive Board – for their unfailing commitment to integrate the Early Learning Policies
  • Melia LaCour, Equity in Education Director — for leadership and guidance in using the Racial Equity Tool
  • Mark Vanderboom, Agile Coach — for grounding us in the principles of the Agile framework