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 Cleaning & Sanitizing

 Guidelines & Procedures     Forms   
 Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting Procedure
 Clearning/Sanitizing/Disinfecting Checklist
 Cleaning Process Chart


 Food Safety

 Guidelines & Procedures     Forms   
 Food Holding Procedure
 Food Temperature Corrective Action Procedure
 Suspected Food Borne Illness Procedure

   Daily Food Temperature Record Form
 Daily Refrigeration Temperature Record
 Suspected Food Borne Illness Report

 All Hazard Preparedness

Guidelines & Procedures     Forms  
 All Hazard Preparedness Procedure
 All Hazard Preparedness Incident Command System Guidance
 Disaster Supply Kit Procedure
 Fire Drill Procedure
 Earthquake Procedure
 Lockdown Procedure
   All Hazard Preparedness and Fire Drill Record


 Classroom Safety Practices — Site and Classroom Checks

Guidelines & Procedures     Forms  

 Classroom Emergency Board Procedure
 Checking Playground Surface Safety Procedure
 Bike Helmets Procedure
 Site Readiness and Safety Checklist Procedure
 Pesticide Procedure

     Daily Classroom Safety Checklist
 Monthly Classroom Health and Safety Checklist
 Classroom Emergency Plan for Accident or Illness Form
 Site Readiness and Safety Checklist - Center Director   Print (PDF)   Fillable (Word)
 Site Readiness and Safety Checklist - Classroom   Print (PDF)   Fillable (Word)
 Site Readiness and Safety Checklist - Center Director Follow-up Form
 Site Readiness and Safety Checklist - Classroom Follow-up Form

 Classroom Safety Practices — Universal Precautions

Guidelines & Procedures     Forms   
 Universal Precautions/Handling Bodily Fluids Procedure
 Occupational Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens - Employer Responsibility Procedure 


 Classroom Safety Practices — First Aid

Guidelines & Procedures     Forms  
 First Aid Procedure
 First Aid Kit Supplies List

     Monthly First Aid Inspection Checklist


 Classroom Safety Practices — Illness and Injury

Guidelines & Procedures     Forms  
 Daily Health Check Procedure
 Temperature-Taking Under Armpit Procedure
 Temporary Exclusions Procedure
 Injury Reporting Procedure

     Injury Report Form
 Injury and Illness Log
 Weekly Illness Log