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PSESD Early Learning Multilingual Support System
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Resources for Supporting Dual Language Learners and Their Families

OHS CulturalLinguisticResponsiveness   StrategiesForSupporting DLLs
Office of Head Start: National Center on
Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness
Strategies for Supporting All Dual Language Learners

Family and Community Engagement

FamilyAndCommunityEngagementInLanguage   SupportingRefugeeFamilies page
The Importance of Home Language Series
in English and Spanish
  • The Benefits of Being Bilingual
  • The Gift of Language
  • Language at Home and in the Community

Supporting Refugee Families
(see the Professional Development section on the page)
  • Raising Young Children in a New Country: Supporting Early Learning and Healthy Development
  • Ways to Use the Healthy Development Handbook
  • Handbook Tip Sheets and Conversation Starters for Family Well-Being Topics
 DLL BetterSupportOfChildren   SameDifferentAndDiverse 
Learning language information from the families of
Dual Language Learners to better support their children
Understanding Children who are Dual Language Learners (DLL's)
  • Important Similarities of all children
  • Key differences between DLL's and monolingual children
  • Dual Language Learners are a highly diverse group
Selecting and Using Culturally Responsive Children's Books