COVID-19 Information

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Mother putting mask on daughter


Prefer to report via email? Answer the following questions and send to:

  • Positive case?
    • Is it a child or staff person? (No personal identifiable information required, and all information will be kept confidential.)
  • Possible exposure?
    • How many children?
    • How many staff?
    • Exposure date
  • If known:
    • How many staff are being tested? (continue to provide updated info as it becomes known).
    • How many children are being tested?
  • Grant/Program (ECEAP/HS/EHS) and class ID affected
  • Closing site/center?
    • If yes, what are your closure dates and reopening dates?
    • If no, what are the quarantine dates for staff and/or children, and the return dates?
  • If a child is excluded, are remote services being provided?
  • Any children or staff hospitalized?


Child wearing mask


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