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Multilingual Services


Multilingual Services (MLS) is Early Learning's comprehensive support system for language access to children and families. The MLS program is inclusive of the following:

  • Interpreters whose primary function is to interpret information for parents when needed.
  • Bilingual Instructional Assistants who support children directly in the classroom, bridging the language gap and helping the child access instruction meaningfully.
  • Dual Language Learner Coaches support teachers in modifying curriculum to meet the needs of DLLs by providing strategies and resources. They coach teachers and support their understanding of language development and second language acquisition.


The following Early Learning Program Manual (ELPM) documents may require support from an Interpreter, Bilingual Instructional Assistant (BIA), and/or Dual Language Learners (DLL) Coach.


Child Enrollment Form (Preschool or Infant/Toddler) – Interpreter

Child Guidance and Support – Interpreter

Ongoing Child Assessment Procedure – BIA and Interpreter

Supporting DLLs in the Classroom – DLL Coach and BIAs

Assessing DLLs in MyTS – DLL Coach, BIA, Interpreter

Assessing DLLs with ASQ – DLL Coach, BIA, Interpreter

Required 45-Day Screenings – Interpreter

Individualizing for Children – DLL Coach, BIA, Interpreter

Individual School Readiness Goal Form – Interpreter

Individual Support Development Strategies (Infant/Toddler) – Interpreter

Conferencing with Families – Interpreter

Working Effectively with a Bilingual Instructional Assistant – DLL Coach

Bilingual Instructional Assistant Planning Guide – DLL Coach


Special Services

Inclusion of Children with Disabilities and Developmental Delays Guidance – Interpreter

Developmental Concerns Checklist – Interpreter

Release/Exchange of Confidential Information (Non-Health) – Interpreter

Mental Health Consultation Services – Interpreter

Release/Exchange of Confidential Mental Health Information – Interpreter



Applications (Early Learning, Returning, or Expectant Mother) – Interpreter (If language is not available)


Family Engagement

Orientation PowerPoint – Interpreter

Family Connections – Interpreter

Family Connections EHS Home-Based – Interpreter

Safe Arrival and Departure Agreement - Interpreter

Family Strengths and Goal Planning Form – Interpreter

Home Visit Planning and Summary – Interpreter

ECEAP Mobility Mentoring documents – Interpreter