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 Engaging Families & Community

  Guidelines & Procedures      Forms  
   Family Engagement Guidance Revised 10/22/2018
 Family Engagement Opportunities
 Orientation to Early Learning Policies - Guidance:   English   Spanish
 Orientation PowerPoint - Editable  NEW 8/2018
   Parent Training Topics Tracking Form   


  Guidelines & Procedures     Forms  

** Also see the DIVERSITY AND MULTICULTURAL page in the Program Administration section **


 Family Partnerships

  Guidelines & Procedures     Forms  

 Family Connections:  English   Spanish  Revised 10/17/2018
 Facilitating Home Visits - EHS Home-Based  Revised 7/2018


  Family Strengths and Goal Planning Form
  Home Visit Planning and Summary Form - EHS Home Based:
  Fillable - Portrait (Word)   Fillable - Landscape (Word)
  Printable - Portrait (PDF)   Printable- Landscape (PDF)

** Also see the "Conferences and Family Visits" section on the INDIVIDUAL SCHOOL READINESS GOALS page **

 Family Activities — Parent Fund

  Guidelines & Procedures     Forms  
   Parent Fund Procedure


 Parent Fund/Expenditure Report Form (Excel)  Revised 10/24/2018
 Parent Fund Budget Planning Form


 Policy Council and Governance

  Guidelines & Procedures     Forms  
** For information on Policy Council's role as a Governing Body, see the SHARED GOVERNANCE page, in the Program Administration section **
** For information on Policy Council meetings, see the POLICY COUNCIL page, in the Governance section **

 Parent Professional Development

  Guidelines & Procedures     Forms  
** See the PARENT PROFESSIONAL LEARNING page in the For Families section **


  Guidelines & Procedures     Forms  

  Transition Action Plan from Early Head Start to Preschool Early Learning
Revised 8/2018


Health and Nutrition School Readiness Transition Information Form  (NCR copies available from PSESD)
 Notice of Intent to Transfer/Transition Child or Pregnant Mother and Records Form  NEW 10/29/2018

** See the ERSEA Procedure for more Transitions information **