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ECEAP — New Staff Training

New Employee Training takes place in 3-4 sessions in the Fall for all new staff and staff who have not yet attended. Registration is required – open the flyer below for registration links.

PSESD ECEAP 2013 New Staff Training Flyer


September 6 Resources

  • Bryan Stevenson: We need to talk about an injustice
  • Homework: The Pacific Science Center (Seattle) is partnering with the City of Seattle's Race and Social Justice Initiative to sponsor an exhibit on Race at the Seattle Center with opportunities to have dialogue before and after. There are also amazing speakers coming as part of this exhibit. It will be a fantastic opportunity for staff and families to attend.
    • Read and reflect on the article, "White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack " by Peggy McIntosh. Notice and wonder about what you read and perceive about yourself and others. In your everyday life experiences, notice the impact of white privilege on yourself and others. Talk to at least one family member, friend, or colleague about what new information or reflections you have. Come prepared to discuss your reflections and learning.
    • Read and reflect on the "Stages of Racial Identity Development ". Talk to at least one family member, friend, or colleague about what new information or reflections you have. Come prepared to talk about what you learned about yourself.
  • Office of Head Start Child Development/Education Framework


November 7 Resources

  • After reflecting on the November 1, 2013 New Staff Training session on “Power and Privilege,” Heather Kawamoto and I decided the best follow up would be to focus on the attached article by White ally, Robin DiAngelo.  We realize we gave you other homework on Day 2; however, recognizing that your time is limited, the previously assigned homework (see below) is now optional and you can chose to complete it only if you feel inclined.  Reading Robin DiAngelo’s article is required and will be discussed at our final New Staff Training session on December 6, 2013.  Please set aside time to read the article and share your thoughts with a colleague or family member. — From Annette Sandberg, Senior Regional Coordinator

  • Robin DiAngelo’s article, My Class Didn’t Trump My Race: Using Oppression to Face Privilege 
  • For further exploration (optional), visit the PBS website Race: Power of an Illusion


December 6 Resources 

For those of you who attended the New Staff Training on December 6, 2013 this is the Education Services PowerPoint with all of the environment images we shared, and the DECA Reflective Checklists with three additional categories of resources directly below. Enjoy!

Conversations with Children/Youth about Race

Race Identity and White Privilege

What Do I Do and Speaking Up



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