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We are opening the new 2013-14 school year with great news! Puget Sound ESD ECEAP and Head Start programs are taking charge to integrate into one unified and efficient Early Learning Program. To better communicate the information that you need to do your work, we have moved the various resources found previously on separate ECEAP and Head Start web pages, and organized them here on

We will be adding features to the website over time, but for now we have three areas of content as you can see on the Menu Bar above. Below is the specific information under each button:

Early Learning ECEAP Head Start
Integrated resources for both
ECEAP and Head Start
 Resources specific to ECEAP Resources specific to Head Start
and Early Head Start


Initially, you may find some that pages of our website are "Under Construction." Please be patient as we continune to build this website.

Use this page to search for ECEAP, Head Start, and Early Head Start sites in the PSESD Early Learning service area. Search tools include searches by City or Zip Code, as well as by the child's age.



  • Try using the "Search" box in the upper right-hand corner on the page.
  • Your search will be more successful if you put the words "ECEAP" or "Head Start" in the search line when you need specific program information.