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Policy Council 2017-18

Key decision and policy-making body for ECEAP, Head Start, and Early Head Start

Family involvement and leadership are critical to the success of our programs. Policy Council representatives, who are elected by their respective sites' parent groups, work in tandem with program administrators and the PSESD Board to make the decisions that directly affect our children and families. Policy Council members participate in all aspects of program planning and development, and must approve all personnel and budget recommendations. Policy Council members include:

    • Parents of currently enrolled children
    • Parents who have had a child in the program in previous years
    • Community agency representatives drawn from organizations that provide services, support, and/or resources to the families we serve

Policy Council meets monthly according to the calendar below. Policy Council representatives are eligible for a childcare and mileage subsidy reimbursement for meetings they attend. A light breakfast and lunch are served at meetings. All members of the community are welcome to attend and observe these meetings.

2017-18 Policy Council Info Session, Training, and Meeting Dates:   English   Spanish

2016-17 Policy Council By-laws:   English   Spanish

2017-18 Composition Chart

Policy Council Informational Video
Video transcripts:   Amharic   Arabic   Somali   Spanish   Vietnamese

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For information on Policy Council as a Governing Body, see the SHARED GOVERNANCE page in the Program Administration section.

The Policy Council also plays a key role in identifying the needs of low-income families with young children in our communities by creating a Community Needs Report. This information complements the data collected as part of the Community Assessment Report. For information on both reports, see the Community Assesment page in the "For Staff" section.

Meeting Documents
October 2016

November Executive Board Full Meeting

Executive Board

Full Meeting

Executive Board

Full Meeting

Executive Board

Full Meeting



Executive Board Full Meeting


Executive Board

Full Meeting



Executive Board

Full Meeting



 Executive Board

 Full Meeting

 July  Executive Board

 Full Meeting

 Executive Board
 Full Meeting





Seminar Series 2017

Challenging Behaviors

Session 3 Handouts and Resources - March 15, 2017

Session 2 Handouts and Resources - February 15, 2017

Session 1 Handouts and Resources - January 11, 2017


Father Engagement

Handouts and Resources


2016-17 Monitoring Schedule - Preschool

2016-17 Monitoring Schedule - Center-Based Early Head Start

2016-17 Monitoring Schedule - Home-Based Early Head Start

Individual Checklists:

Desk Monitoring
Administrative: Staffing Practices
Administrative: Business Management Systems
Education: Active Supervision
Education: Curriculum & Assessment
Education: GOLD
Education: Developmental Screenings
ERSEA: Eligibility
ERSEA: Attendance & Enrollment
ERSEA: Recruitment Plans
Health: Immunizations
Health: Fall Health Checklist
Health: Sensory/Growth Screenings
Health: Winter Health Checklist
Health: Spring Growth Screenings
Nutrition: Menu Reviews
Safety: Site Readiness and Safety Checklist

On-Site Monitoring
Education: CLASS
Education: Fall Checklist
Education: Winter Checklist
Education: Spring Checklist
Family Engagement: Fall Checkpoint
Family Engagement: Winter Checkpoint
Family Engagement: Spring Checkpoint
Nutrition: On-Site Meal Monitoring
Safety: Onsite Safe Environment